Software/driver information


Device Manager version 5.3 for HDD1420, HDD1620, HDD1630, HDD1635, HDD1830, HDD1835

This upgrade includes: The firmware files (version 2.4)




The new firmware will offer the following enhancements


- Loss of content after transfer due to database corruption on the player

- Solving the problem with occasional hang up when powering on the player from standby mode.




Please make sure that your PC is running on Windows XP (home or Professional) SP1 (or above) you may upgrade your OS service pack via the url 


Do I need the software?


To check the firmware version of your device

- Select Settings->Information->Information Summary.

-  If you already have the latest version, there is no need to upgrade.


How to download the software to your PC


1.       Launch the Internet Explorer

2.       Enter the Philips support site at url

3.       Select your resided country & language

4.       Enter the model number

5.       Click on Software under Product Support

6.       Double click your desired language under Device/Firmware Manager to download the zip file to your PC.

7.       Download the file in a temp directory on your PC.

8.       Unzip the file and then run the DM_XXX.exe and LM_XXX.exe file to start the installation.

9.       Follow the screen instructions to complete the installation of Device Manager & Lime.



How to upload the software to your device


IMPORTANT: Please note that since this is a special release, updating the device with this firmware version will result in the loss of all content (music , photos, data files) currently on your device.  It is advised to first back up all the content from the device to your PC before carrying out the update.


1.       Once you have Device Manager installed, connect the GoGear to the power supply with the AC/DC adapter and to the computer with the provided USB cable. Make sure that Windows Media Player along with any other applications are closed.

2.       Make sure that you have your computer connected to the Internet. Launch the Philips Device Manager by double clicking the Device Manager icon at the task bar on your computer.

3.       Select your device in the dialogue box and then click Repair. The Philips Device Manager will detect the connection of your GoGear and the application will automatically check on the server to see if an update is available and prompt user to download the updated firmware. Click YES to start the downloading.

4.       A status bar will show the downloading progress of the firmware. Once the downloading is complete the application will prompt you to install the update onto your GoGear. Click YES to confirm.

5.       The application will show the status of updating and at the end you need to click OK to complete the update. (Please do not disconnect the device during the upgrading process as this interruption may damage the firmware!) Once the success message is displayed. Close Device Manager and all opened application and unplug your GoGear.